This page is a simple breakout page for tutorials we have set up for using various chat and radio clients!Edit

Chatroom Tutorials!Edit

These are tutorials that will help you get connected to our IRC Chat Room!

-If you already know how to use an/your irc client, set it up for and join #celestiaradio ( irc:// )

  • Tutorial for XChat (Applies to XChat-WDK, HexChat, PChat, Silverex, And all other XChat based clients)
  • Tutorial for KVIrc
  • Tutorial for Pidgin (A cross-platform instant messenger for Mac, Windows, and Linux)
  • More to Come!
    • Quassel
    • IceChat
    • ChatZilla (For Mozilla based browsers, E.g. Firefox, Seamonkey, etc)
    • Colloquy (For iOS Devices)
    • irssi (A Terminal-esque text based client)
    • Konversation (For KDE based Linux Distros)
    • LimeChat (For OS X +)
    • Opera Browser
    • Visual IRC
  • Email suggestions to with the subject line "IRC Tutorial Suggestion"

Radio Tutorials!Edit

These are tutorials for getting you listening to the radio on a desktop client!

-If you already know how to set up an/your desktop client to pick up streaming radio, set it up to stream

  • Tutorial for AIMP v3 (Complete as of Nov.21 2012)
  • Tutorial for Xiaa Live (Complete as of Nov.27 2012)
  • Tutorial for XBMC (Comming Soon / In the works)
  • Tutorial for Winamp (Complete as of Sep.29 2013)
  • Tutorial for iTunes (Complete as of Nov. 20 2013)
  • More to Come!
  • Email suggestions to with the subject line "Radio Tutorial Suggestion"