Easy and straight forward guide to use iTunes to listne to Celestia Radio.

iTunes StreamsEdit

1) Download and install iTunes if you have not already.

2) Open iTunes and click on the File menu. Select "Open Stream..." from the list.


3) You should see a prompt come up like so:

Open stream

4) Copy the .pls file URL:  and paste it into the text box, then click OK.


5) Enjoy Celestia Radio!

Alternate MethodEdit

1) Go to the Celestia Radio site, hover over the "Tune In" tab and click "Media Player"


2) There should be a pop-up that appears. Select "Open with" and find iTunes in the list, then hit ok.


3) Enjoy Celestia Radio!

Playing the Stream LaterEdit

1) iTunes saves any internet stream that you open into a playlist called "Internet Songs." Open the playlist and select the stream from the list.

Play later

2) It may say "stream" as the title. To correct it, right click on it and select "Get info" from the list. It will change the title to Celestia Radio.

Play later alt