Rules for Everyone

    • Celestia Radio welcomes anybody and everybody to our IRC, however, all chat goers should be well versed in these rules if they intend on frequenting the CR IRC!

    • Adult language is permissible, however, please refrain from using this language to attack or discriminate others.

    • Impersonating others without proper consent is a bannable offense.

    • All NSFW links must be tagged as such, with the tag proceeding the link. Example: [NSFW] dirtylinkhere

    • All name tags, such as NLR and SE, should be at the end of your nickname. Example: DJKBrony[SE]

    • Excessive spamming will not be tolerated, (unless designated swag time by a high authority). Users will be warned, kicked, and even banned if uncooperative.

    • Excessive roleplaying will not be tolerated in chat. Users will receive the same warning, followed by a ban. If you want to roleplay, go to #celestiaradio-rp (or #celestiaradio-erp for explicit roleplay).

    • Make newcomers feel welcome in the chat. Give people a chance to meet other chat goers and DJ’s.

    • CR rules generated by the -crrule command are purely for entertainment and by no means mandatory.

    • Advertising other radio stations and their respective chat rooms is a bannable offense.

    • If you wish to voice your displeasure with a staff member or the station, please refrain from doing so in the main chat. A staff member would be more than happy to work with you and resolve the issue personally.

    • Only DJ Shamrock and CR Bots are permitted to use colored text in the chat. Violators will be kindly asked to change their color back to black.

    • All chat goers are expected to respect any DJ’s or CR staff in the chat room. These people make both the radio, and the chat possible! This is a bannable offense.

Enjoy the Celestia Radio IRC Chatroom!

~The CR Staff

Problems? Talk to Zimtower or another CR Moderator!

Are you having problems with someone in chat? Is someone spamming or breaking lots of rules and no one is paying attention? Send a message to the moderators in the channel for assistance. Channel moderators will have one of the following symbols in front of their names:

ie. /msg [mod nick here] Followed by the issue

  • ~ ­- CR Owner
  • & ­- CR Admin
  • @ ­- CR Director
  • % - CR Staff - DJ's and Mods
  • + Guests and Other CR Staff