Celestia Radio's Chat and So Much More! (Not Really)Edit

So it's a good idea if you can, to use an IRC Chat Client rather than the webchat we supply on the website Here, which is really for beginner users and isn't very good. What you SHOULD do is grab a client such as XChat, KVIrc, IRSSI, Quassel, or another Desktop Client. After you download and install your client, connect to as the server, and join the channel "#celestiaradio". You can always pop in to the chat room via the webchat if you have any issues. Please read our Rules before you join the chat!

Once you get settled, you should set up an account with the network's NickServ! To begin setting up an account, first choose a unique username. After you have your unique username, type "/msg nickserv REGISTER <password> <email-address>" You now simply need to either configure your client to Auto-Identify (see the help section in your client), or you can simply enter the command "/msg nickserv IDENTIFY <password>". You can now also group new nicknames to the same account and in turn the same login, by logging into your account, changing nicknames and using the command "/msg nickserv GROUP".

If you have any questions, you can use the webchat linked in the top of this page to communicate quickly with people in the chat room! We'd love to have you so please stop in!

The roomsEdit

  • #Celestiaradio - Main Chat. All rules apply.
  • #Celestiaradio-spoilers - Do not talk about new episodes in main chat until 48 hours after the episode airs! Until then, chat about them here. Same for spoilers that pop up about upcoming episodes.
  • #Celestiaradio-erp - Chat for steamy roleplay and such. NSFW tags are not necessary here.
  • #Celestiaradio-rp - RP! Stay in character, or use [ooc] tags
  • #Celestiaradio-spam - Spam all you want.
  • #Celestiaradio-rant - Complaints!

Connection Tutorials!Edit