Fantasy Ponyball is an awesome totally sweet game a lot like fantasy football but with significantly more pony. yay.

Fast FactsEdit

The draft is on thursday evening.

Raw data for all characters will be availible here:

Derpy is banned.

The DraftEdit

The draft is on thursday evening. Players will draft in a random order, each selecting 1 character at a time. No character may be selected more than once, and every player must have exactly 6 characters. Players who join after the draft may select any 6 characters that are still available. You can draft pretty much any character you choose, but there is a banned list.

The Banned Character ListEdit

Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Applebloom, Scootaloo, Sweetiebell, Spike, Derpy Hooves, Princess Celestia, King Sombra.


Players may trade characters between themselves between episodes. However, players may not replace characters with other unowned characters. If nobody owns the character, then it is impossible to get.

Scoring PointsEdit

A player scores points when a character he or she owns performs an action, on screen, during a season 3 episode.

The following points may be earned once per episode per character.

The character appears in the episode. = 1 point.

The character’s name is spoken during the episode. = 1 point.

The character derps. = 1 point.

The character sings a line in a song. = 1 point.

The character appears standing directly next to Derpy. = 1 point.

2 or more copies of the character appear at the same time. = 1 point per copy.

The following points may be earned only once per season per character.

The character speaks. = 3 points.

The character threatens the safety of ponyville. = 5 points.

The character kisses another character. = 10 points.

The character receives a canon name. = 10 points.

The character wields an element of harmony. = 10 points.

The character gets a song about them. = 10 points.

The following modifiers are earned at the end of the season.

Most Points. The player with the most points get +1 point.

Best Pony. The player with the highest scoring character gets +3 points.

I Just Don’t Know What Went Wrong. Every character who has never scored a point is worth +3 points.

Egghead’s Guide to Ponyball. The player in 5th place gets +3 points.

Too Legit to Quit. The player in last place gets +3 points.