Current and Ongoing EventsEdit

  • Tune in for news on all upcoming events! 

Past / Completed EventsEdit

  • 2012 Best of 2012 Countdown. Celestia Radio busts out the big guns to end 2012 with a bang, selecting the cream of the crop for the fandom's best 100 brony songs of the year! Check out the list here  You can also watch the top ten, live, as it was announced here ! 
  • Request-A-Thon 2012 Charity Event 6/8/2012 9PMGMT -- 6/11/2012 4AM-GMT -- $1,859.68 USD Raised in addition to a $500 USD donation direct to the charity, $2359.68 USD total
  • Kiki's Cancer Fund 200 Hour DJ-athon-- Over the span of eight days and 200 hours Celestia Radio was live 24/7 with the help of both current and new DJ's that were recruited to help knock out hours. Over 10,000$ was raised for Kiki during the 200 hours, and due to several bets that were thought to be unachivable DJ Shamrock must shave his beard and DJ's Cider and DJKBrony must get tattoo's. More details on both the event, and bets coming soon!